Why Summer Is a Good Time for a New Roof

If your current roof no longer meets your needs, you may be planning to replace it soon. Before you replace your roof, you will have a number of decisions to make, such as what materials to opt for and when to replace your roof. The season in which you choose to replace your roof will definitely have an effect on your roofing project. Therefore, summer is a good time for residential roof installation for a number of important reasons.

Consistent temperature

During the summer, you will likely experience consistent temperatures. You will not have to deal with the temperature fluctuations common in other seasons. This is important since temperature fluctuations can affect roofing materials negatively. For instance, asphalt shingles that use a sealer that is activated by sunlight need consistently warm weather to seal effectively and promptly.

Fast installation

Summer weather is beneficial for roof installation because it is more consistent than the weather in other seasons. Less rain means that roof workers spend less time protecting your roof from moisture and more time installing it. If your roofers can focus on installing your roof without worrying about the dangers of moisture, wind, and storms, they can install your roof quickly.

In addition, roofers are less likely to have to stop work due to bad weather conditions.

Less danger

The consistency of summer weather means that roofers are less likely to suffer injuries when installing a roof during the summer. But you will also be safer too since the dry and calm conditions mean that there will be less chance of accidents occurring.

High visibility

Summer days have much more light than the days of other seasons. This means that roofers can spend more time working on your roof during the summer since they can see what they are doing until the later hours of the day.

Another benefit of having more visibility is that your roofers will be able to spot current and potential issues with your roof. The low light and poor weather conditions of other seasons, such as autumn and winter, reduce visibility and make roofing work more difficult.

Less chance of roof issues in winter

If you make sure you install your new roof during the summer, then your roof will be ready for the harsh conditions of winter. You then will not need to worry about roof problems occurring during winter due to moisture and snow.