Before Buying A Home, Check The Roof For These Issues

If you are looking for a home to purchase, you have probably heard the advice to always look at the roof before signing a contract. This is definitely good advice. Roofs are expensive to replace, and you don't want to overpay for a home that ends up needing a new roof within a few months. But this advice is also incomplete. It does not tell you what to look for as you are examining the roof. Here are the key roofing problems that should stand out as red flags.

Lifted Shingles

You should not only make sure that all of the shingles are attached to the roof but also that all sides of the shingles are adhered fully. If some of the shingles are lifted along one side, those shingles may leak or get torn off by the first strong wind that blows through. If the home you're looking at has lifted shingles, talk to the homeowner about having those shingles replaced or at least sealed down before you buy the home.

Peeling Flashing

If the roof has a chimney or a raised sewer vent, look around the edge of the projection. The metal that surrounds the projection should be flush with the roof and flush with the projection. If this metal, known as flashing, is lifted or flapping around, that's not something to ignore. You want to have a roofer seal down the flashing. And you also want to have them check for leaks and water damage around the damaged flashing. If the flashing has been out of place for a while, there could be major rot and water damage, and you may not want to buy the home after all.

Moisture in the Attic

It's not always easy to see the actual roof of a home, but it should be fairly easy to go into the attic — or at least stick your head up into the attic and take a look around. Look for signs of moisture, such as moldy odors, drops of water on the rafters, and discolored insulation. If you notice moisture in the attic, the roof is leaking. Don't agree to buy the home until the homeowner does something about the leaks.

You want to buy a home with a good roof. Look it over for these issues, and if you notice any of them, talk to the homeowner about having repairs made.

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