4 Must-Do Tasks To Prepare For Siding Replacement

Siding is a relatively maintenance-free home exterior solution, but it will need to be replaced over time. While scheduling an installation with a skilled contractor is the most critical step, there are some things you should do on both the exterior and interior of your property to prepare for the job.

1. Determine the Dumpster site

Before the new siding is installed, all the older siding must be removed and placed into a dumpster to be taken offsite. To avoid damage to your property, you need to determine the best location for its placement. Generally, if your driveway is level, this location is ideal. However, if you have an asphalt driveway and the siding installation is performed during the summer, the heat could make the asphalt more pliable and susceptible to damage. 

2. Make Alternative Work Arrangements

It takes a bit of force to ensure the siding is locked into place, which is critical for protecting your home from the elements. If not locked in place properly, moisture could seep inside your home. This force can often be heard inside the home in the form of knocking or banging sounds. If you work from home, this might cause a disturbance. You might want to consider making alternate arrangements. 

3. Tend to Landscaping

The siding team will need a clear area to perform the replacement process. If you have large bushes installed around the home's exterior, trim them back so that the crew can access your home easily. If you have any trees with branches that hang near your home, it is also important that you cut these limbs back. Even after the replacement is complete, it is good to keep limbs trimmed away as they can hit the siding and cause damage over time. 

4. Terminate Power 

Fortunately, siding professionals know how to precisely cut around existing lighting fixtures to avoid damage to the lights during the process. However, for a precise fit, they will have to work closely around these fixtures. To ensure their safety and reduce the risk of damage to the fixtures, go to your breaker box and terminate power to your exterior lights. Keep them off for the duration of the installation so that you do not forget to turn them back off, especially if you will be away during their working hours. 

Ensure you follow these steps to prepare your home for siding replacement. Additionally, speak with your contractor to find out if there are any additional measures you need to take to prepare.