5 Things To Consider When You Get A Metal Roof Replacement

If you've heard a lot of good things about metal roofing, and you like the way a metal roof looks, consider making the switch from asphalt shingles when it's time for a roof replacement. Metal is an excellent material for a roof since it's tough, and it should last much longer than new asphalt shingles would. Here are five points to consider. 

1. Make Sure Metal Is Allowed By Your HOA

If you don't live in an HOA community, you can probably put on any type of roof you want. If you live under HOA regulations, you'll want to make sure you can switch from asphalt shingles to a metal roof before you proceed. In addition to HOA approval, the roofer needs to obtain a permit from the city so everything will be in order and ready for the roofing crew to start work.

2. Decide If You'll Have The Old Roof Torn Off

Discuss the pros and cons of putting new metal panels over old asphalt shingles when you get the roof replacement. This can save money since you won't need to pay a landfill fee, but the roofer has to make sure the deck of your old roof is dry and sound first so the metal roofing won't cover up moisture damage.

3. Choose The Roof Color

Asphalt shingles have colored granules, and that's a different look from a solid-color metal roof. You'll need to give thought to the right color combination for your roof and siding when you get the roof replacement.

You might want a roof color, such as white, that goes with a variety of colors so you can still change your siding paint color in the coming years. However, you may want to think about a light color for your roof that will reflect the sun and keep your home cooler in the summer.

4. Think About Solar Panels For The Future

If you think you might put solar panels on in a few years, you may want to look into how that works with metal roofing. Solar panels can be put on metal roofs by clipping them to the standing seams, so metal may even be a better match than asphalt shingles that require nailing the brackets to the deck and creating potential leak holes.

5. Consider Installing Snow Guards

If your area gets snow every winter, you might want the roofer to put snow guards on the roof when they do the roof replacement so you won't have to add them later. These are small guard rails that keep snow from sliding off the roof and landing on kids or pets.

Contact a local roofing service to learn more.