Signs It Is Time For A Commercial Roof Replacement

When you run a business, it's important to take good care of your building to prevent the need to close your doors. Your commercial roof can last for years with good maintenance, but there will come a time when you need to replace the roof of your business to protect the structure of your building. If you are consistently having to close because of roof leaks, you have systemic roof problems, or you have been told that the structural integrity of your roof is not sound, it's time to consider your commercial roofing options.

You Have Leaks Causing Business Closures

Damage to your roof can cause leaks to occur, but you want to be able to repair the problem and move forward. If you have consistent roof leaks that are causing you to close for business, it's necessary to have your roof inspected further. Although damage can be repaired, if leaks continue to occur, you have an issue with the entirety of your roof and it needs to be replaced.

Water Damage in Your Building

An intense storm can bring water into your business either through the roof or under the eaves. If you find water damage in your ceilings or on your walls, there is likely a leak somewhere on your roof. Water getting into your building can cause damage to wood structures and lead to mold or mildew growth within your walls.

You Smell Mildew in Your Space

If you smell a musty odor anywhere in your business, it's important to consider where any water could be coming from. You may have high humidity levels in your building, causing mold or mildew to grow. The water could be coming in from your roof, so it will help to solve the problem to check the structural integrity of your roof.

Your Commercial Roof Is Old

An aging roof means it is time to take a closer look at any problems that could be developing. If you have a flat roof, any puddles on the roof indicate that it is starting to sink. If you find damage on your roof because of storms, this may not be worth repairing. A business roof replacement is a better option when you have an older roof.

Your commercial roof will need to be replaced when you have consistent leaks and damage that can't be repaired. Invest in a new roof to protect the assets within the building, and keep your doors open. For more information, contact a company like Wortham Brothers Roofing.