4 Reasons To Choose A Concealed Fastener Metal Roof

Metal roofs are attached using one of two basic fastening styles—exposed or concealed. Although exposed fastener systems are less expensive, there are some good reasons to choose concealed fastener roofing instead. 

1. Leak Resistant

One of the main reasons to opt for a concealed fastener metal roofing system is to prevent leaks. The fasteners are the only part of a metal roof that are prone to leaking. It only takes one off-center washer or loose screw on an exposed fastener roof for a devastating leak to occur. This isn't a concern when the fasteners are installed beneath the metal panels where water can't easily reach them. 

2. Finished Appearance

Not all buildings look good with exposed fasteners. The fastener heads are visible even if they are painted to match the roof, which gives a building an industrial vibe at best. Fasteners that aren't painted look even more utilitarian, which can detract from your home's style. The exposed fasteners simply don't give the same finished appearance as other metal roofing systems. Concealed fastener roofs can be as rustic or as elegant as you desire, depending on the color and style of the roofing system you choose. 

3. Style Options

Exposed fastener roofs come in basic panel styles, with color being the only real option. There are three basic types of concealed fastener roofs, so you have a lot more options to create a roof unique to your home's style. Standing seam roofing is probably the most popular concealed fastener style. These feature fasteners concealed under a standing seam between roof panels. Metal shingle strips are another option if you don't want standing seams. These are attached in an overlapping fashion, similar to asphalt shingles. Then there are a range of metal roofing tiles available in various shapes and textures, which are attached via a clip system on their undersides.

4. High Durability

Most concealed fastener metal roofing systems use a heavier gauge metal compared to the lightweight exposed fastener option. Heavier gauge roofing is more resistant to impact damage that could dent or even penetrate a thinner roofing material. Concealed fastener roofs are also less likely to suffer from corrosion or rust issues because the fasteners aren't exposed to the corrosive effects of weathering. Exposed screws and fasteners are often the weakest part of a metal roof, as they will corrode long before the roof panel will. 

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