How To Tell When Your Metal Roof Needs To Be Replaced

If this is the first time you've lived in a house with a metal roof, you may not know what to look for when it's time for a roof replacement. If you're unsure, you should let a roofing contractor check the roof and give you advice. Here's when you may want to think about having your metal roof replaced with a new metal roof or something different. 

When A Lot Of Screws Start Backing Out

The wind causes metal panels to vibrate, and this can cause the metal screws to get loose and back out. This is common, and when the roofer does maintenance, they'll look for problem screws and replace them so rain won't leak in the screw holes. If you go a long time without roof maintenance, there could be a number of screws that are loose.

This could mean rain has been leaking into the holes and on the deck. If the deck has water damage, the metal panels have to come off so the deck can be replaced and a roof replacement can be done.

When The Coating Has Worn Off

Steel roofs have a coating on them that protects the steel from rust. The coating also keeps the color vibrant. The coating usually comes with a warranty. When the roof gets so old that the warranty expires, that's a good sign the coating is wearing down, and it's time to start planning for a new roof.

If you wait too long, the steel might get rust holes that let water damage the deck. Replacing the roof before the deck is damaged is important or else your roof replacement will cost more and be more difficult to do.

When Your Roof Has Widespread Storm Damage

A metal roof can be dented by hail. Depending on the terms of your home insurance, hail damage might be considered cosmetic and not covered. However, your policy might give you a roof replacement for widespread denting. You'll want to call your insurance agent if your roof has storm damage to see if you'll get a new roof. If a tree crashes through the roof or flying debris causes serious damage, you'll probably need to get a roof replacement as soon as you can.

When Your Roof Starts To Look Worn Out

As the coating starts to wear off of the metal panels, the color goes with it. Your roof could start to look ragged and ugly just because it's old and slowly wearing down. You probably don't want an ugly roof that lowers your home's curb appeal, so if you want your roof to look new and fresh, talk to a roofer about getting a roof replacement.