3 Reasons A Metal Roof May Be Better Than A Shingle Roof

If you are going to have your roof replaced, and you have been going back and forth with whether you should go with a shingle roof or a metal roof, then this article may help. It can educate you on some of the reasons why a metal roof can be better than a shingle roof in many instances. Once you have a better idea of why metal roofs can be such good choices, then you may find the decision easier. Here are 3 reasons why you may end up preferring a metal roof over a shingle roof.

1. You have more aesthetic choices

When you decide to have a shingle roof put on your home, there won't be many options when it comes to the appearance you end up with. You can choose from some different colors and shapes, but for the most part, shingle roofs all look similar to one another. However, if you decide to go with a metal roof, then you can end up with a roof that looks more how you want it to look. Metal roofs can have an appearance that looks like shingles, as well as many other types of roofing material. Metal roofs can also look much like shake roofs, slate roofs, and so many others. 

2. Metal roofs can stand up to weather much better than shingles

When you have a shingle roof put on, there will be different types of weather that can prove to be problematic for the roof in the future. For example, it's common to have shingles fly off the roof in the middle of a serious wind storm. Also, the shingles can end up becoming brittle in extreme heat conditions, causing them to break and become damaged in other ways. However, when you have a metal roof installed, you can enjoy having a roof that stands up so much better to all kinds of weather conditions. 

3. Metal roofs last much longer than shingle roofs

There are some nice benefits to shingle roofs, such as the cost of having them installed, for one. However, while shingle roofs might be less to have installed, they will also need to be repaired and replaced more than some other types of roofs, like metal. When you have a metal roof installed, you will be getting a roof that's going to require less ongoing upkeep and that will last for much longer. Therefore, having a metal roof installed can result in a lot of savings and much less hassle over the years.

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