Moss On Your Roof: It's A Red Flag

Moss is a whole division of plants. There are many, many species of moss, but they all share certain characteristics. They like shade and moisture, and they break down the substrates that they grow in. These characteristics happen to make moss quite a threat to roofing. Keep reading to learn about the damage moss can do to roofs and what to do if you see moss on your roof.

How Moss Causes Damage To Roofs

Moss has very shallow roots. However, as these roots grow down into the surface that moss chooses to take up residence on, they do cause that surface to break apart. Moss also chemically breaks down the substrate that it chooses to grow in. In nature, that is beneficial. But if moss chooses to grow on your roof, it means your shingles will soon be crumbly and a whole lot less stable. 

What To Do About Moss On Your Roof

If you see moss on your roof, then you need to get rid of it sooner rather than later. If you remove it promptly, the damage will be minimal. The challenge, however, is removing the moss without causing more shingle damage in the process. Sometimes, homeowners try scrubbing the moss away or removing it with the power washer. Both of these approaches tend to do more harm than good. They remove the shingle granules along with the moss, leaving the shingles with no protection.

A better approach is to have a professional roofer remove the moss. They can apply specific herbicides to kill the moss, which will make its roots a lot easier to remove. They also have gentle cleaning tools that can separate the dead moss roofs from the shingle material.

How To Prevent Moss Growth

If your roof is still moss-free, there are a few ways to keep it so. First, make sure you trim back any trees hanging over the roof. They keep a roof shady and moist, which is what moss prefers. Second, make sure you clean your roof off from time to time. Sweep off any leaves that might trap moisture against the roof, making it more appealing to moss. Consider professional roof cleaning each spring or fall, too.

Moss is a pretty interesting plant, but they are not plants that you want to see on your roof. If you are currently struggling with moss growth, call a roofing company. They can figure out how to remove it without further damaging your shingles. For more information, contact a company like Schultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC.