Why You Should Avoid Walking On Your Roof

Should you walk on your roof to inspect, maintain or repair it? While preventative and corrective maintenance is a must to preserve your roof and extend its life, you shouldn't walk on any roof unless you're highly trained and fully equipped to do so.

Here's what could go wrong if you walk on your roof without the proper training and equipment.

Slips, Trips, And Falls

Regardless of their slope, roofs can be dangerous to walk on. The potential for slips and trips that result in falls from height is inherent even in buildings with flat roofs. To mitigate the risk of slips and falls when walking on a roof, hazards must be identified beforehand and adequate roof safety measures implemented during the job.

Roofing professionals know what to do to reduce and potentially eliminate the risk of rooftop slips, trips, and falls. For example, they may use drone cameras to visually inspect your roof, eliminating the need to use a ladder to access the rooftop during roof inspections.

Roof Damage

Your roof is one of the most critical components of your home because it protects you, your family, and your belongings from harsh outside conditions. While it's bound to get damaged from constant battering by the elements, you don't want to play a part in damaging it.

Not all roof damage is visible to the untrained eye — even the strongest-looking roofs can be fragile. As a result, it's never prudent to walk on your roof without the proper training and equipment. 

If you step on structurally compromised areas of your roof, your weight can cause more damage, increasing your roof repair costs.

Rejected Roof Insurance Claims

Like most folks, you have a homeowner's insurance policy to cover against financial losses due to damage to your property if something unexpected occurs. If your home insurance policy covers roof damage, walking on your roof may void the policy because most insurance companies require you to use a professional for roofing jobs. 

If you accidentally fall from or through the roof of your house when walking on it, don't be surprised if your roofing insurance claim is denied.

From safety concerns to roof damage and insurance problems, there are many reasons to avoid walking on your roof. The best way to avoid dire consequences is to hire a highly trained and fully equipped person for all your roofing jobs, from inspections to maintenance and repairs.

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