Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Vinyl Siding Color

When choosing siding for your home, one of the most important features to consider is the color of that siding. Vinyl siding comes in a huge variety of colors. You can find many different shades of white, dark red, neutral grays, and everything in between. You don't always realize how difficult it is to pick the perfect siding color until you're in it. It absolutely is a good idea to put thought into this decision and to avoid the mistakes below when picking a siding color.

Mistake #1: Picking the same color as your neighbor.

Maybe you love your neighbor's siding color and want it for your home, too. If the neighbor's house is way down the road, then perhaps it is not a big deal for you to use the same siding color. But on the other hand, if the home is visible next to your home, having the exact same color of siding will look strange. A better option might be to pick a similar color. For instance, if your neighbor has deep red siding that you like, picking a slightly lighter shade of a similar red hue is a good choice.

Mistake #2: Assuming a dark color will fade.

You may initially write off dark-colored siding as an option because you've heard that vinyl siding fades. This used to be true, but it is not as common now. Vinyl siding that is made today is designed not to fade. It can be coated with UV-resistant materials and made to be colorfast. If you like dark colors, feel free to go with dark siding. 

Mistake #3: Choosing a really trendy color.

Vinyl siding lasts for many decades. That's one reason why it's so popular. Since it is so long-lived, you don't want to pick a color that will look outdated in a year or two. Instead, try to go with something traditional. Note that it does not have to be boring or neutral. Classic shades like red and navy blue never go out of fashion. More obscure colors, like bright violet and lime green, may.

If you avoid the mistakes above when selecting siding, you are more likely to end up with vinyl siding that really suits your needs. Talk to your siding contractor if you're looking for more input on color choices that will look nice on your home.

For more information about vinyl siding, contact a local company.