3 Proven Ways To Keep Your Residential Roof Cool In Summer

A hot roof is never a good thing. Aside from contributing to hotter indoor temperatures, it puts a strain on your home's air conditioning system, causing it to run harder than it should to keep you cool and comfortable. 

Keeping your roof cool can go a long way in keeping you cool in summer weather, thus saving energy and money on your AC system's workload. Here are some things you can do to cool your roof.

Apply Reflective Roof Coatings 

If you have a dark-colored roof, consider repainting it to achieve a reflective finish. You can achieve this by applying light-colored paint on the roof.

A dark-colored roof absorbs heat, transfers it into your attic, and, ultimately, releases it into your interior living spaces, making it harder for you to beat the summer heat. On the other hand, a light-colored roof reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it. Increasing the reflectivity of your roof minimizes unwanted solar heat gain in your home, keeping you cool and reducing your AC running costs.

Repainting your roof is an easier and more affordable alternative to redoing your entire roof with "cool" roof-covering materials like reflective tile or shingles and unpainted metal.

Update Your Attic Insulation 

When was the last time you checked your attic insulation? Dust, dirt, moisture, sunlight exposure, age, you name it — many factors can cause your attic insulation to degrade over time. Periodically inspecting your attic is the best way to keep tabs on the condition of your attic insulation. 

Adequate insulation is necessary to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. If you determine that your attic is poorly insulated or under-insulated, you should bring in an insulation expert to address the issue before summer arrives. 

Maintain Your Roof Ventilation

Your home's roof ventilation system refers to a set of intake and exhaust vents that allow the roof to breathe. Without it, hot air and moisture would be trapped in your home, making it hard to keep cool in summer.

Ensuring proper roof ventilation is necessary to keep your home cool during the hot months and avoid condensation issues like wood rot and mold growth in winter. The best way to achieve this is to clean your vents and keep them clear of debris and other obstructions. 

Keeping your residential roofing system cool can help keep your entire home cool, conserving energy and allowing you to save money on air conditioning costs.

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