Signs You Should Replace Your Metal Roof

When you search for signs your roof needs replacement, do you keep coming up with lists of signs a shingle roof is on its way out? This is understandable since shingle roofs are still very common. However, metal roofs have been around for decades now, and some of them are presumably beginning to wear out. So, as the owner of a metal roof, it's important for you to know how to tell when yours needs replacement. Here are the key signs to watch out for.

Moisture in the Attic

It can be hard to tell whether a metal roof has a leak by looking at the roof instead. However, if you go into the attic, leaks should be obvious. You may see actual spots of water on the attic floor or on the beams that run across the top of the attic ceiling. Or, you may notice spots of mold on the insulation; this indicates the insulation has been wet for some time. Any moisture in your attic means your metal roof is leaking, which likely means you're soon due for a replacement.

Rust Spots

Metal roofs are generally coated in a zinc-based compound to prevent rusting. However, this layer, known as the galvanized layer, does tend to wear away as time goes on. After many years, the galvanization will be gone and the steel will be exposed directly to water. When this starts to cause rust spots on the roof, it's generally time for a new metal roof.

Lifted Panels

It can be tough to tell when metal panels are lifting from your roof since they usually bump right back down into place. But if you venture outside the next time it is windy, you may notice one or more panels lifting up a bit along an edge. This could mean your metal roof is starting to break down and needs replacement, although it could also be a sign your metal roof just needs repairs. Have a roofer come take a look. If they cannot secure the panel back down with some rivets and cement, then they will generally recommend replacing either the entire roof or the affected panels.

Metal roofs can last for decades, but they do wear out eventually. If your metal roof is experiencing any of the issues above, contact a roofer. They can take a look, give you a quote, and let you know how urgently you should act.

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