Remember To Check Whether Your Roof Needs Repairs This Fall

Fall is in the air! It's a great season to think about home maintenance and repairs. You particularly want to focus on your roof. After all, fall tends to bring a lot of rain and wind, which can be hard on the roof. Winter is even more demanding with its snow, cold, and fluctuating moisture levels. You may not need any roof repairs this fall, but if you do, it's best to find out now. Here are some steps to follow to assess the condition of your roof and determine if you need repairs this fall.

Climb up on a ladder and take a look

It's not always safe to climb on a roof without skills and experience. But climbing up a ladder to look at the roof is pretty feasible. Have someone hold the base of the ladder to keep you safe. When you reach the level that you're able to see the roof, peer across it. Do you see any lifted shingles? Are there any shingles with missing corners or cracks down their length? These problems mean you need roof repairs. Also look at the flashing, which is the metal around the chimney and other protrusions. If it's peeling, rusted, or lifting, then it should be repaired.

Go into the attic

You can tell a lot about a roof by going into the attic. If a roof is in disrepair, moisture will come into the attic. You'll then notice a musty odor, spots of mold on the insulation, specks of water on the rafters, and the like. Pay attention to the overall level of humidity in the air, too. If the air is extra humid in your attic, then you may have a leak in the roof that needs repair, even if you don't see liquid water at the moment.

Assess your home's exterior

You can also take a look at the rest of your home exterior for signs you need roof repairs. Are there granules under your gutter downspouts? If so, your roof is losing granules and may need some shingles replaced. If there are streaks on your siding, it could be because roof material is rinsing down over the edge, which is also a sign of roof damage.

If you follow the advice above, you'll get a pretty good idea of whether or not your roof needs repairs this fall. If you think you may need repairs, contact a residential roofing company soon.