Learn About The Things That May Cause Your Flat Roof To Leak

Unlike many roofing options, flat roofs are highly susceptible to leaks if not correctly installed. When this happens, water can pool on some roof sections and enter through the smallest opening it finds. This isn't the case with sloped roofs that direct water to the gutter. If you notice any signs of water damage, ensure that you speak to an experienced roofer to inspect your roof and advise on the need for repairs. Check out a few things that could be behind your roof leak.

Cracks on the Membrane of Your Roof

The roof membrane helps protect your home's interior from water damage. However, this membrane can wear out over time and expose your roof's insulation. This provides a pathway for water to enter your home. If your roofer catches this problem early, they can easily repair it. But, if the membrane has reached the end of its useful life, they'll need to replace it.

There's Moisture in Your Roofing System

When water enters your roofing system, the temperature inside will turn it into water vapor. As it tries to escape, it creates pressure that eventually results in blisters. Take note that water can enter your roof in different ways. Your roof membrane could fail, particularly in the sections where membranes join. This may also happen if your roof isn't properly dried if the DIY installation is done during the rainy season.

There Are Issues With DIY Installation

Correct procedures should be followed when installing your roof to avoid leaks. To avoid any issues, you should seek the services of an experienced roofing professional. Remember that installation and repair of some roof materials can be complex for an inexperienced individual. For instance, rubber roofing (EPDM) is prone to leaks if the air pockets are not correctly sealed when rolling the roof. When applying the spray-on coating, it should be applied evenly, and this is something that requires extensive training.

Stagnant Water on Your Roof

If you notice parts of your roof that have stagnant water, they're likely to cause water leaks in your home. This mostly happens if you perform a DIY installation. During installation, professionals ensure that such roofs have a slight slope to avoid such concerns. They also apply waterproofing membranes to ensure that you don't experience leaks in your home.

Regular inspections by a qualified flat roofing expert are crucial in identifying and addressing issues before they can cause serious damage to your home. It's also crucial to pay attention to the common causes of roof leaks to prevent major issues down the road.

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