4 Reasons A Complete Roof Replacement Is Better Than A Reroof

Although there are many valid reasons to install a new roof over an existing one, roofing companies discourage it. Low costs and convenience are probably the biggest reasons to consider a reroof. However, what are the pitfalls of choosing a reroof over an entire roof replacement? This piece will examine some reasons to go with the latter. 

1. You End Up With Unnecessary Weight

When building a house, contractors don't typically account for the extra weight of an additional roof that might be mounted in the future. Unfortunately, installing new shingles over an existing roof puts unnecessary weight on the entire structure of your house. This can jeopardize your foundation and the walls. Therefore, a roof replacement where the roofing company will tear off existing shingles first and install new ones is a better option. Overlaying is risky, especially for older homes with weaker frames.

2. Costly in the Long Run

As highlighted earlier, reroofing often sounds like a cheaper option initially but it might be costlier down the road. Installing new shingles over an older roof can mask underlying water damage. Therefore, you might incur more costs on leak repairs and a premature replacement.

A roof replacement reduces your repair costs by ensuring all the materials are new and free of water damage, rot, and mold. Consider evaluating your long-term costs if you install new shingles over the old structure.

3. Difficult to Discover Potential Damage

One of the biggest benefits of replacing the entire roofing system is that a professional roofing contractor can inspect the condition of the structures underneath the system. The contractor will evaluate the state of the decking, flashing, vents, and underlayment to see if they can serve you longer.

Failing to replace these structures when they're weak or faulty can compromise your roof's durability, stability, and appearance. You'll continue to experience the same problems you did with the older roofing system. A complete replacement allows the roofer to inspect more critical structures and replace them to ensure a longer life span.

4. Preserve Your Warranty

A new roof over your head comes with a warranty. However, certain factors can void the warranty. Your materials manufacturer might nullify the warranty if you fail to replace the entire roof. As indicated earlier, reroofing comes with its share of risks. It can compromise the stability of your house, increasing the likelihood of a premature replacement. Manufacturers and roofing companies recommend replacement to reduce the risks associated with reroofing projects. Therefore, consider a complete roof replacement to preserve your warranty and save money.

It is important to undertake a cost-benefit analysis when choosing whether to replace or reroof. When you want to improve your roofing system, it is always a good idea to work with a roofing company you trust to make an informed decision. 

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