How A Roofing Coating Could Protect Your Roof And Your Options In Coatings

Roofing coatings are commonly used on commercial roofs. A coating might be put on a spray foam roof as the final step in the roofing installation, or a coating might be put on an old membrane roof to get more life out of it and prevent leaks. Here's a look at how coatings protect your roof and three common roofing coatings to consider.

How A Coating Protects Your Commercial Roof  

A coating is often made of reflective material so your roof is protected from further deterioration from the sun once a coating is on. A coating also shields your roof from rain and water damage.

Plus, a coating goes on in a manner similar to house paint so it is a single layer that covers your entire roof without seams that could leak. Coatings also reduce solar warming, and that could keep your roof cooler and the inside of your building cooler too.

What Coatings To Consider Using

Your roofing contractor can help you choose from all the available types of coatings since there are quite a few. However, acrylic, polyurethane, and silicone are three popular choices.

Acrylic coatings can do a good job of reflecting the sun, so your building could stay much cooler in the summer. Acrylic is somewhat flexible once it cures, so it offers protection from hail strikes while resisting damage. Acrylic coatings can also take a long time to cure, but your roofer can use a quick-set acrylic coating if necessary. 

Like acrylic, polyurethane coatings can be used on different types of commercial roofing. Polyurethane is a durable choice and it resists damage from foot traffic and punctures. It's also good at reflecting the sun and keeping your building cooler.

Silicone coatings have an elastic quality that keeps them from becoming brittle. One of the reasons silicone is popular is that it can withstand water without being damaged. If you're concerned about water ponding on your flat roof, then a silicone coating could be a good choice, although, it might be more expensive too.

How To Choose The Right Roofing Coating

Your roofer can help select the best coating considering cost, lifespan, maintenance, resistance to punctures, resistance to ponding water, and appearance. Different roofing coatings have different good and bad points, so you may need help from a professional when it's time to choose the best option for your commercial roof. While many coatings are white, you can also find different colors of some coatings if you want a red, yellow, black, or tan roof to give your building a little glamor.

For more info, contact a roofing company near you today.