How Your Roofer May Perform a Free Roofing Contractor Estimate and What It Includes

If you're thinking of getting a new roof, the first step is to get a free roofing contractor estimate. You'll be under no obligation, and the price quote helps you decide how to proceed. You may even want to get two or more estimates so you can compare them and get a feel for how much a new roof should cost and what the work entails. Here's how a roofer may go about giving you a free roofing estimate and what might be included.

How A Roofing Estimate Is Done

A free roofing contractor estimate might be done in person. The roofer may climb up on your roof—or at least get on a ladder to get a close view of the roofing materials. Roofing estimates can be done in other ways too. A contractor can use a drone and send images to software that analyzes the roof, measures it, and comes up with an estimate.

A roofer might even give you an estimate using satellite images and software. These estimates are based on the size of your roof as measured on satellite images.

What's Included In A Free Roofing Contractor Estimate

A free estimate might give you the basics, such as the cost of roofing materials and labor based on the type of roof you choose and the size of your roof. However, you might also want to know if the deck of your roof has any damage in case it needs to be replaced too, and that would add to the price quote.

A roofer might need to climb on your roof or use equipment such as a thermal camera to do a more detailed inspection. However, you may just want the roofer to give you a quote for the most you would have to spend to replace the deck along with all the other materials, so you'll know upfront the maximum possible cost of your roof if damage is found.

The roofing contractor estimate should include the cost of all materials to be replaced, including shingles, underlayment, roofing nails, flashing, and adhesives. The cost should also include the cost of labor. In addition, the roofer should include the cost of the permit so that doesn't come as a surprise later.

Other expenses the roofer should include are the cost of dumpster rental and the cost of the crane rental to get the shingles on the roof if the contractor needs one. The estimate should have an itemized list of expenses, so you can easily compare estimates if you get more than one.

The roofing contractor estimate may include things other than actual charges. For instance, there should be information about the start and stop date for the work, warranty terms, how much you have to pay upfront, and the terms for paying the rest of your bill.

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