Do You Have A Storm-Damaged Roof? You Should Call A Roofer Before Your Insurance Company

If you have recently experienced a severe storm, the chances are that your roof is damaged. The right course of action is to contact an insurance company, especially if you have a homeowner's insurance policy. However, this should wait until you speak to an experienced roof contractor. Most roofing experts work with insurance companies, and they know how to deal with them. Here's a more in-depth look at why it's best to seek a roofer's help before contacting the insurance company. 

Your Roofer Can Help You Decide Whether Filing a Claim Is Worth It

Depending on the nature of your damage, it may not be necessary to pursue a compensation claim. However, this is difficult to determine if you don't know your repair cost. When a roofer inspects the damage on your roof before filing a claim, you'll know whether it's worth it. Don't be tempted to fill your claim if you don't know how to go about it since mistakes could lead to high insurance rates in the future.

Roofers Can Help Make the Correct Assessment 

Most insurance adjusters have general expertise in different roofing types. It is such knowledge that they'll use when assessing your storm roof damage. The advantage of using roofers is that they have expert roofing knowledge and can estimate your roofing repair costs precisely. Your roofer's estimate will also help you effectively negotiate with your insurance company, especially if their valuation is off.

Your Insurance Company Many Not Record All the Damage 

When you seek the assistance of an insurance company instead of a roofing expert, they may not perform a detailed inspection of your roof damage. This may put your home at risk if such damage isn't considered. Remember that trained roofing experts can quickly identify all the underlying problems, whether visible or not. Insurance adjusters don't pay a lot of attention to detail. 

They Can Help You File Your Insurance Claim

If it's your first time experiencing roof storm damage, it can be tedious and time-consuming. When you contact a professional roofer, they'll inspect your roof and consider all the important details related to your roof damage. They'll then go ahead and contact your insurance company and negotiate a fair settlement offer for your damage. You won't be involved in this intricate process.

Contacting an experienced roof contractor to assess your storm roof damage offers many benefits. Most roofing companies work closely with insurance firms and can help you during the claim process.