Top Questions You Should Know The Answers To When Getting A Roofing Quote

If you need to have a roofing quote done, then you might either need to have your roof repaired or be hoping to have your roof replaced. You might have a lot of questions in mind that you want to ask when working with a roofing professional to get a quote. However, you should also be prepared to answer a few questions yourself. These are some of the top questions that you should know the answer to if you want to be successful when getting a roofing quote.

Are You Repairing or Replacing Your Roof?

In some cases, you might not have much choice between replacing or repairing your roof, since your roof might not be repairable. However, in some cases, you do have the option to either repair an older roof or replace it completely. A professional can talk to you about the pros and cons of each option and can go over the varying costs with you. Then, you can let them know which option you're interested in so they can finalize your quote and schedule your appointment.

Are You Having Your Existing Roof Removed?

If you do decide that you want to install a new roof, your roofing professional might ask you if you're interested in having the roof installed on top of your existing roof or if you'd like to have your existing roof removed entirely. The first option is only available with shingle roofs and can save money and help you get your roof installed more quickly. However, some prefer the latter option to ensure their roof is installed properly. Again, a professional can help you decide which route you should take and can give you a quote based on your decision.

Is Your Insurance Paying for the Cost?

If your insurance is going to be paying for the cost of your roof repair or replacement — such as if your roof was damaged because a tree fell on top of it during a storm or because the wind blew a lot of shingles off of the top of your home — then you might not be overly concerned about how much the project is going to cost. However, you should let the roofing professional know that you're going to be expecting your insurance to pay for the repairs or replacement. Then, you can make sure that they will work with your insurance company, and you can ask them to submit a quote to your insurance company.

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