Problems That Can Occur Due to Standing Water on Your Roof

If your home has a flat roof, it is not uncommon to experience standing water after a heavy downpour. Flat roofs do not drain water quickly, so the puddles on your roof may evaporate or drain off after a few days. If the water takes too long to disappear after it stops raining, the issue should be investigated. 

Here are some common problems you may experience if you leave water on your roof for too long.

Roof Leaks

No matter how watertight your flat roof is, it will develop leaks if puddles of water remain on its surface for too long. The weight of the standing water puts a strain on the weak links of the roof, increasing the risk of leaks. 

A leaking roof is not a problem you want to face in your home because it can cause major water damage to your roof and home, as well as have serious health implications for your family. 

Leaking roofs can create damp conditions on the interior surfaces of your home, increasing the chance of a mold problem. Mold exposure can cause many adverse health symptoms in humans. These symptoms may indicate allergic reactions to mold exposure, as well as catching infectious diseases.

Microbial Growths on Your Roof

Mold isn't the only organic microbial organism that grows in wet environments. As water collects on your roof, it creates the damp conditions required for microbes like algae, moss, and lichen to grow on the roof's surface.

These microbial growths are not only an eyesore but can also eat away at your roof-covering material, resulting in reduced roof lifespan.

If you see dark streaks on your roof, it is best to leave the material undisturbed and schedule a professional roof repair. The experts at a roofing company have seen it all when it comes to roof maintenance and repair, so they'll know what to do to get rid of the unwanted growths.

Standing water is a common problem in homes located in regions that receive plenty of rainfall during the year. It can happen due to various reasons, but clogged gutters and inadequate roof slopes are the typical culprits. If the problem is due to clogged gutters, a thorough gutter cleaning job should get the water draining well again. If it is due to inadequate roof slope, you might need to install more downspouts to carry the water to the ground level. Regardless of the reason why you have standing water on your residential roof, the experts at a local roofing company have a solution for you!

If you are worried about mold and mildew on your roof, contact a company like Atlas Exteriors today for more information.