What You Need To Know About Roof Cleaning

As you clean the exterior of your home, one of the more neglected areas is likely the roof. You might be surprised at just how dirty a roof can get. When you do not get your roof cleaned, it can cause damage and give off a poor appearance. The following are some things you need to know about keeping your roof clean:

Why Should You Keep Your Roof Clean?

There are several reasons why you need to clean the roof of your home. One of the most common issues is algae growth, especially if you live in a more humid climate. Roof algae is not green like you might expect. It presents as black streaks across the roof's surface. It makes the roof look dirty and unattractive. Roof algae is not just dirt, but bacteria that lives and feeds on the shingles. Over time without proper cleaning, the algae can eat away at the shingles and negatively impact the integrity of your entire roof. The shingles' lifespan will decrease. You may begin to see shingles in your landscaping after a slight wind as the weakened shingles fall away from the roof.

If you do not see signs of roof algae, you should be having your roof cleaned regularly to prevent it from starting. Proper cleaning of the roof removes all the contaminants that result in roof algae and can prevent a lot of damage.

Is Roof Cleaning Worth the Expense?

You should always hire a professional roofer to clean the roof of a home. This can be dangerous work. A professional also knows how to properly clean the roof without damaging the integrity of the shingles or other types of roofing materials. Keeping your roof clean will save you a lot of money in the long run. By keeping your roof in good condition, the chances of an expensive roof replacement go down significantly. When you preventatively clean the roof, although it is an expense, you will save money.

How Does Roof Cleaning Work?

There are a couple of different approaches the professionals use when it comes to roof cleaning. The most basic type of cleaning is performed by a pressure washer. The pressurized water helps to remove any buildup, such as algae, dirt, or moss. This is the fastest way to get the roof clean. If the roof needs more attention, the roofer will use a chemical agent along with scrubbing and power washing to remove anything that is stubbornly stuck on the roof. The condition of your roof will ultimately determine which cleaning option is necessary for your roof.

Call a roof cleaning service for more information.