Six Assumptions You Shouldn't Make About Storm Damage Roof Repair In Your Home

Taking care of your roof when you need storm damage roof repair is important. You don't want to make roof repair mistakes because you're making assumptions that you shouldn't about your storm damage roof repair needs.

The following are six assumptions you shouldn't make about storm damage roof repair in your home. 

Your needed roof repairs won't be covered by your home insurance

Any time you're dealing with storm damage to your roof, you need to look into whether you can have repairs covered by your home insurance. In many cases, insurance policies will cover storm damage to a roof. That's why you need to get out your policy and read the fine print. 

A roof that looks normal hasn't experienced storm damage and doesn't need repair

After a bad storm, you need to have your roof inspected by a storm damage repair professional to make sure that it is still in good shape. Even if your roof appears normal, there could be extensive damage that you just can't see from down on the ground. 

It doesn't matter if you wait to have storm damage roof repair done

Storm damage roof problems are likely to get worse over time if they are not repaired promptly. Loose roof components can come off and fissures in your roof surface can allow moisture to cause water damage. That's why you should schedule roof repairs as soon as possible after storm damage. 

The absence of water spots in ceilings and on walls means storm damage roof repair isn't needed

Leaks in a storm-damaged roof might not be immediately apparent on your interiors or in your attic. Also, leaks aren't the only problem you may face due to roof damage. Another possible problem is reduced HVAC efficiency due to gaps and fissures in roof materials.

This means that you shouldn't assume your roof does't need to be repaired just because water spots don't appear in ceilings and walls right away after the storm.

Storm damage roof repair is too expensive for you to afford

You need to find out the costs of storm damage roof repair before you assume that they will be too expensive for you to afford. You may find that repairs are less expensive than you initially thought they would be after you have damage looked at by a professional. 

Neglecting storm damage roof repair won't compromise safety

Roof damage after a storm that needs to be repaired can compromise safety in numerous ways. Roof damage that goes without repair could cause structural instability in your home. Also, roof damage could lead to mold and mildew growth and makes your interiors unhealthy to live in. 

You need to arrange for needed roof repair promptly after storm damage to keep your home safe. Reach out to a company like Brandon J Roofing to learn more about storm damage roof repair.