3 Things To Consider When Looking To Replace Your Commercial Roof

If you are the owner of a commercial property that needs a new roof, you are going to want to make sure that you are taking a few things into consideration before moving ahead with this project. This will help ensure that the project is completed to perfection and that you will not have as many problems in the future. Here are some of the things you will want to think about when it comes to your commercial roof:

Is There Ponding Happening?

Ponding on a roof is where there is water collecting in a spot, which may resemble a small pond, and the water just sits there because there is nowhere else for it to go. It will not drain off from the roof, so it sits there until it evaporates. This is a concern because if there is ponding happening on your commercial roof, there could be a problem with the draining system. There could also be issues with the wood structure of the roof, causing the need for an extensive roof repair before a new membrane and other roofing materials can be added.

Consider The Option Of A Different Material

You do not need to opt for the same exact roofing material that you will have removed from the roof. You might find that there are better options out there for you. For example, the reinforced roofing system of polyvinyl chloride is perfect for buildings that are situated in rough climates. If your area gets a lot of major storms, this type of roofing option may be the best for you. Then there is the option of thermoplastic polyolefin, which is great for reflecting harmful UV rays, and it can help with energy efficiency. You can talk with a commercial roofer to see if they have any other ideas for you.

Who Will Haul Away The Old Materials

If the new roofing materials will not be placed over the old, then the old material will need to be completely removed and hauled away from the property. Such items are not generally allowed to simply be set out for weekly pickup from the garbage company. When talking with the commercial roofing company, you will want to ask if their bid includes the removal of the old roofing materials or if you will have to tend to that on your own. You may be able to rent a roll-off dumpster and throw all of it in there.

Get some quotes from a few different commercial roofing companies and check out some of their references in order to find a company that will suit your needs.