Three Situations Where Roof Damage Requires A Full Replacement

Isolated damage to your roof can often be repaired, but in cases where damage is severe, your roof is already old, or your roof structure itself requires repair, replacing your roof often ends up being the best, if not the only, option. A new roof will offer greater protection against the elements where putting it off with smaller repairs might risk more damage.

Damage Is Widespread

In cases where damage is isolated to certain areas, such as shingles or tiles that have fallen off that can be easily replaced or a leak that hasn't had the chance to cause much trouble, repairs will usually suffice. If the damage is more widespread, however, this can drastically lessen the value of repairs and necessitate a replacement.

Some signs this might be the case are if your roof is missing shingles and tiles across your whole house, if there is significant damage to its flashing, or if water damage is starting to cause warping and bowing. Storm damage can also cause similar problems, especially if any of the damage was caused by a collision of branches or debris.

The Foof Is Old And Losing Effectiveness

How long your roof should last depends on factors like your roofing material and the climate in the area you live in. For example, asphalt shingle roofs typically last for two to three decades. If your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, doing repairs here and there will only hold up for so long, and after a point, it may be most cost-effective to spend money on a total replacement rather than continuing to make smaller repairs.

Having your roof thoroughly inspected by a roofing professional can help you decide when it's best to have a replacement done. If your roof will last a year or two more and the weather poses no immediate threat, you can opt for temporary repairs and prepare for a replacement in the meantime. If the need is more urgent, however, it may be time to forego repairs and simply have your roof replaced now.

Underlying Structure Requires Repairs

Some roof repairs only require fixing surface-level problems, such as replacing tiles or shingles. If the underlying roof structure requires significant work, however, your roof may need to be replaced.

This can happen if your attic has suffered significant damage, which can often cause wood rot, or if part of the roof is sagging or leaning. These types of structural issues can be serious and may cause the roof to collapse if not taken care of immediately. Fixing these problems usually requires pulling up a significant amount of roofing material. Having your full roof replaced while these repairs are being done can end up being the most viable option, especially if your roof will reach the end of its life within a few years.

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