Roofing Repairs You May Need To Do After Installing a Satellite Dish on Your Roof

If you're thinking about getting a satellite dish for TV viewing, you may wonder where you'll mount the dish and if it's safe to put a dish on your roof. You may want to talk to a roofing contractor for advice and to have your roof checked before the dish is put on so repairs can be done first if they're needed.

Here are some things you may want to consider before putting a satellite dish on your roof, the damage the dish might cause, and the roof repairs a contractor might need to make over the years due to having a dish on your roof.

A Satellite Dish Doesn't Always Need To Be On A Roof

Dishes are commonly put on roofs so they are above obstructions that might interfere with reception signals. However, it's possible to mount a dish on a pole instead so you can avoid the risk of roof damage. If a dish is properly installed, the risk of damage might be low, but roof damage is still a possibility. Your roofing contractor might recommend finding an alternative place to mount the dish if possible.

A Dish Might Cause Roof Damage Over Time

One reason a dish causes roof damage is that the dish is hit by the wind and that can cause the dish to move around. This can cause the screws or bracket to work loose and allow rain to seep through the deck. The movement might also damage shingles or cause them to loosen.

If you have a satellite dish mounted on your roof, you should have the roof around it checked regularly for signs of damage so repairs can be done promptly. Another reason to think twice about putting a satellite dish on your roof is that you might void the roof warranty, so be sure to check your warranty first.

Roof Repairs That Could Be Needed

A satellite dish could potentially cause your roof to start leaking. If this happens, the dish might need to be removed before roof repairs are done. Repairs might include replacing shingles or even replacing part of the deck under the dish. Once the roofing contractor completes the repairs, the dish has to be put back on the roof. You may prefer to have the dish company reinstall the dish to make sure it is positioned properly so you get the best reception.

Satellite dishes can be installed on roofs of all types, and your dish may never cause a problem with your roof. However, since the potential for a leak exists any time there is something attached to the roof deck, it's a good idea to keep an eye on your roof in the area of the dish to make sure there is no leak. If a leak is spotted, make sure to have repairs done promptly to minimize water damage to your home.

To learn more, contact a roofing contractor.