Do You Have A Leaky Roof? 4 Pro Tips For Fixing It

Asphalt shingles are a popular roofing material among homeowners. The popularity of the roof comes from its lightweight, durability, and aesthetic beauty. The shingles are also reasonably priced compared to other roofing materials that offer similar functions. However, they also suffer regular wear and tear like the other materials. If you have noticed signs of a leak, you should follow these four professional tips.

Locate the Point of Origin

The first step when fixing a leaky roof is locating the source of the leak. When water starts seeping into your house through the roof, you will notice water stains on the ceiling and the walls. If the leak has persisted, your attic, walls, and ceiling might suffer mold damage.

In this case, you should first get a ladder and climb up the roof to check for the source of the leak. These could include cracked, curled, and missing shingles. Leaks often develop on parts where the caulking and flashing are damaged. Also, assess the end caps and angular corners of the shingles since damage mainly starts there.

Repair Curled Shingles

Once you have assessed the damage on the roof, it is time to gather all the repair materials you need for repairs. But first, you should secure the curled shingles and then put them back on the roof using roofing cement.

Apply a thick coating of the roof cement on the underside of the shingles to fix it on the roof surface. Also, remember that roofing shingles are more flexible in warm weather than when it is cold. Therefore, it is advisable to handle the repairs in warm weather to avoid breaking the shingles.

Replace Missing Shingles

If you notice missing shingles in the initial inspection, you might need to buy fresh ones. You can remove broken shingles carefully by loosening the nails with a pry bar. The next step is to scrape the cement off and prepare the surface for a new shingle installation. Finally, replace the old shingles with fresh ones and secure them with galvanized nails.

Repair the Flashing

Most leaky roof issues originate from the flashing. In this case, you can reseal the joints using a caulk gun loaded with roofing cement. If the previous joints show damages, apply a fresh layer with a putty knife.

If your leaky roof is not severe, you only need the right equipment and replacement materials to fix it. However, it is advisable to contact a professional roofing service when the roofing repairs are more than you can handle. The roof repair job is best left to professionals.