6 Common Signs Of A Damaged Roof

Don't wait until your roof undergoes severe damage for you to contact a roofing expert. When you observe these signs early, you can save on hefty repairs costs. In most cases, there are visible signs of roof damage that can help you avoid such incidences. Here are some of the most common signs of a damaged roof:

Damaged Shingles

Damage shingles may be caused by poor installation, water damage, or wind damage. Resolving the issues as soon as possible minimizes the effect. If you notice that your roof has damaged or missing shingles, get in touch with a roofing company near you.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof can be caused by deteriorating roofing materials, poor installation, or added external weight from ice or snow.  When the damaged roof is not replaced or fixed immediately, it could collapse and damage property.

Water Leaks and Stains

If you see stains on your ceiling or observe possible signs of a leak, take immediate action. The effects may be minimal initially, but they could cause immense roof damage when left unattended.

Poor Ventilation

A sudden increase in energy bills can be an indicator of a damaged roof. Moisture buildup and air trapped in the attic are caused by a poorly ventilated roof. If you start getting higher energy bills, consider getting a roofing expert to check if your roof is damaged.

Corroded Chimney Flashing

A corroded or curled chimney flashing is an often-overlooked sign off a damaged roof. The chimney flashing redirects water to prevent roof damage and moisture buildup. When damaged, it can cause leaks, stains on adjacent walls, and rust stains. To avoid such effects, have a roofing contractor inspect your roof to identify such roof damage.

Gutter Problems

Gutters need to be checked regularly to avoid debris build-up that could clog the drains. When left unattended, foreign materials may accumulate, causing the gutter to weaken and fall off. In most instances, homeowners notice this when the gutters are almost entirely damaged. As a result, they end up incurring huge costs while replacing the gutters.

If you notice any of the above signs of roof damage, seek help from a roofing expert. You'll discover that there's so much you can do to prevent roof damage or minimize the costs incurred while fixing your damaged roof. Also, having regular roof inspection as part of roof maintenance will help you see signs of roof damage at their early stages that are easy to resolve.