Metal Roof Installation: A 3 Step Process

Metal roofing is becoming more popular among homeowners. A metal roof has the potential to reduce your energy costs, and metal roofing systems are designed to last for a very long time.

If you are thinking of investing in a metal roof for your home, it can be beneficial to learn about the installation process.

Every quality contractor will utilize a three-step approach when it comes to installing a new residential metal roof.

1. Measuring

The metal roof installation process begins with a contractor measuring your roof. These measurements need to be exact so that the metal materials that will make up your new roof will fit your home perfectly.

Every eave, gable, valley, and sidewall of your roof will be meticulously measured and documented so that metal pieces can be cut precisely to fit together with ease during the installation.

2. Roof Deck Preparation

Once all measurements have been obtained by your contractor, the process of preparing your roof deck for the installation of a metal roof will begin.

All of the old shingles and other roofing materials covering your roof deck will need to be removed prior to the installation of a metal roofing system. This allows your contractor to visually inspect the roof deck for signs of damage, and smooth out the surface of the roof deck in preparation for a metal overlay.

If your roof deck needs to be repaired or replaced, a contractor will make these changes during the roof deck preparation phase of a metal roof installation.

3. Installation

Only after your roof has been measured and your roof deck prepared can the installation of metal roofing materials begin.

Your contractor will lay out metal sheeting to cover your roof deck. Each piece of the sheeting will be fitted together according to the measurements taken by the contractor.

A specialized tool will then be used to create a sealed seam between each piece of metal sheeting. This ensures that there are no gaps where moisture can infiltrate your new roof.

Trim is applied last to finish off the roof and provide an added level of protection for your home.

If installed correctly, a metal roof can protect your home against the elements for many years.

An understanding of the residential roof installation process will help you better appreciate the cost and time required for an experienced contractor to install a metal roofing system on your home.