3 'Ifs' That Mean You Need Roof Inspection Now!

If you're like most homeowners, you are likely to assume that if your roof is made from quality materials and is well installed, it can withstand mother nature's wrath. That said, roofs are highly vulnerable parts of a home and require regular inspections to stay in good shape and remain leak-free. Think of it this way, a roof inspection is similar to the regular oil change your vehicle needs. While both services don't necessarily mean there is a flaw in the system, they keep it running smoothly for a long time. Waiting too long before inspecting the roof or carrying out needed repairs could lead to serious problems that can cause damage to the interior of your home. Here are the three ifs that indicate it is time to check your roof. 

If You Have Never Inspected Your Home

If you are yet to schedule a roof inspection since you purchased your home, it's time you called a professional roofer. While an overall home inspection is part of the entire purchase process, it only aims to ensure that the roof is not an immediate danger and that the home is safe to occupy. If you want to establish whether or not your roof is strong enough to serve you for decades, consider hiring an independent roofer after buying the home. An inspection is also due if you have lived there for several years haven't done one. The contractor will check previous system repairs and determine whether the patchwork could lead to future leaks. 

If You Have Experienced a Major Storm

If you live in an area prone to hail, extreme winds, hurricanes, heavy rainfall, and blizzards, roof inspections are crucial. A hailstorm might seem small and harmless at first, but it can leave behind massive damages to shingles, tiles, or metallic roofs. You will only know the extent of the damage when you hire a competent contractor to perform an inspection. Some contractors will perform drone inspections to capture clear images of the state of the roof. 

If You are Buying or Selling the Home

If you are trying to sell a home and the buyer's inspector finds any weaknesses, they will either pull out of the purchase or offer a reduced payment. Therefore, you should engage a contractor to assess your roof before putting the house on the market. Similarly, get a professional to inspect the roof of a home you plan to buy before signing any papers. Otherwise, you might end up dealing with high repair costs after the purchase. 

You can call an expert to inspect your roof whenever you have enough reason to warrant one. The experts will assess the roof's condition and determine whether you need to repair the damage or replace parts of the roofing. Talk to a local roof inspection service, such as Top Tier Home Services, to learn more.