When Your Commercial Roofer Should Replace Your Roofing

Few commercial property owners can tell when it is time to replace their old roofs. You could have noticed signs of wear and tear on it, or maybe there was a violent storm in your neighborhood recently. In most cases, you can see visible proof that you need to replace the roof. However, sometimes the damage sneaks up on you without warning. Therefore, it is advisable to call a roofer immediately after you realize the roof is damaged. Here are some red flags that should inform you when it is time to replace the roofing. 

The Roof Has Leaks You Can See

One of the signs that it is time to replace your roof is spotting visible leaks. Your roof will get leaks for several reasons. When it is old, you can expect the damage to come from worn-out material. Harsh weather also leads to many cases of damage to the roof. As the roofing material grows weaker over the years, water starts seeping into the layers inside and creates visible puddles during the storm. A roofing contractor could repair the roof by patching it, but only when the damage is minor. Instead, you should consider a complete roof replacement by professionals.

You Have Damage From A Storm

One of the leading reasons why people replace their roofs is when they have roof damage. Rain, ice, and hailstorms can wreak total havoc on your roof, regardless of the roofing material. Storm damage is a grave issue in business premises located near tornado zones. The high-speed winds have enough destructive power to rip off the shingles, crack them, or lift them. You should act fast if your roof sustained damage after recent storm damage. Schedule an inspection with a residential roofing company to determine whether it is time you replace the roof. 

You Have an Older Style of Flashing

Very few people understand the flashing on their roofs. However, the flashing is an integral component of the structure. It will expose your commercial building to massive damage when made of substandard material. Older properties have flashing systems made of cement or tar, which wears out fast and becomes a leaking problem. After replacing the roof, remember to have it fitted with a metal flashing system. 

Hopefully, these signs of trouble with your roof will spur you into action and help you consider a new roof installation. Call professional roofing contractors to check the level of damage on your current roof. They will recommend and install roofing that will last for decades. A commercial roofing contractor can provide further information.