3 Obvious Causes Of Commercial Roof Leaks And Why Commercial Roof Repair Is Vital

All roofs have weaknesses, but some are more detrimental than others. When your commercial roof begins to leak, a lot can go wrong in your business premises. Sadly, some people don't contact a commercial roofer as soon as they notice the leaks, and they usually wait until the leaks become more serious. Roof leaks can lead to huge losses and regrettable property damage. There are various potential causes of commercial roof leaks, and you shouldn't take any for granted. Whenever the roof starts to leak, you need to get commercial roof repair services immediately. Here's why your commercial roof might be leaking.

The Perimeter Flashing Is Damaged

Proper roof care helps maintain various roof components like the perimeter flashing in perfect shape. However, roof problems like leaks are usually experienced when the flashing is in bad shape or damaged. Certain aspects like excessive rainfall and other inclement weather elements like high winds can quickly cause massive damage to the perimeter flashing. Also, the expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuations could also cause excessive damage to it. Any perimeter flashing with breaks, tears, and holes will profusely leak, causing costly moisture and mold-related damage.

Open Penetrations on the Roof

Any commercial roof with open penetrations will definitely leak. The most unfortunate thing is that most people don't know what causes these penetrations or how they come about. Things like drains, vents, or even HVAC systems can lead to open penetrations, particularly when the roof outlets are not perfectly sealed. If the roof membrane's holes or outlets aren't properly sealed, the roof will leak when the rain comes. Fortunately, you can use pitch pans or rain collars to keep the punctured areas or penetrations watertight. You could also use field wraps, pipe boots, or even flashing to seal the holes. But if the roof continues to leak, contact a commercial roofer for professional repairs.

Age Factor

All commercial roofs, including metal, concrete, or asphalt ones, have a predicted useful life. Nonetheless, you can either extend or shorten it based on how you take care of the roof. As the roof ages, it might experience natural damage, and some of its components could weaken or wear thin. And although proper maintenance will help you sustain your commercial roof for a while, the weak areas will leak when the rainy days come. In this case, you should contact a commercial roofer to work on the damaged areas.

Of course, you don't want to imagine what would happen when your commercial roof begins to leak. But in case it's leaking, get commercial roof repair services in good time.