Addressing The Need For Repairs To Your Metal Roof: 3 Signs You Should Be On The Look Out For

There are many reasons why so many homeowners have begun choosing metal roofs for their homes over more traditional materials, such as asphalt. One of these reasons is the fact that metal roofs do not require much in the way of maintenance. However, despite their relatively low maintenance requirements, it is possible for metal roofs to become damaged over time. If this occurs, you will need to reach out to a reputable contractor in order to complete the necessary repairs. Continue reading to learn more about a few of the signs that may indicate the need to have your metal roof repaired sooner than later.

Chipping Paint

The reason why metal roofs are typically painted is that this paint acts as a barrier between the metal shingles and the outdoor elements. This is an important part of preventing damage such as corrosion. Unfortunately, this paint can chip as the result of hail damage, falling branches, or a variety of other scenarios. When this happens, it is vital that you can a qualified contractor to repair the damage to the painted surface of your roof. The reason that it is so important to leave this job to a professional roofing contractor is that while metal roofs are quite durable, walking on them incorrectly can result in further damage to the roof. A qualified roofing contractor will be able to access your roof and make the necessary repairs without causing further damage.

Shifting Shingles

Metal naturally expands and contracts when it is exposed to different temperatures. Over the course of time, this natural reaction can cause the screws holding your roofing shingles in place to become loose. This type of damage can result in moisture being allowed to get behind the shingle and cause leaks and structural damage.

If the screws on your shingles have begun to loosen, you will often notice your shingles have shifted. This shifting will often cause the shingles to no longer be evenly spaced. Having your metal roof professionally inspected each year can also help you to identify the need for this type of repair in the earliest possible stages.

Development Of Rust

While metal roofs offer an incredibly long lifespan, the sealants that are used to protect the roof's seams often wear out long before the metal shingles themselves. Consequently, these sealants will need to be replaced long before the roof actually needs replacing. One indication that the sealant on your roof has worn thin is the development of rust. This issue will need to be addressed right away in order to prevent serious damage to the shingles or underlying structure since an improperly sealed roof can harbor a significant amount of moisture. 

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