Three Signs Your Company's Roof Needs A Little Repair

When running or managing a commercial business you got a lot on your plate, from staff relations to organizing all of the stock and even making sure that your tax records are immaculate and always up to date. What you probably don't concern yourself with too much is the actual physical state of the building that you work in. After all, buildings are built to last and if you can't see anything visibly wrong with it, why worry at all? However, because your roof is largely out of sight, you could have issues with it and not realize it for years. Here are three symptoms that you should watch out for that indicate you need to call commercial roofers.

Water Leaking Down The External Walls Of Your Building

You have gutters and downpipes for a reason: they are meant to protect the external part of your walls from getting drenched too much in rainwater. While the exterior of your walls can certainly put up with a lot of rain blowing in from the side, it is not meant to withstand constant streams of water rolling down it for hours and hours after every rainstorm. If this is happening, it indicates that your gutters are broken or not working as intended and you need to call commercial roofers as soon as possible to ensure your facade doesn't erode quicker than it should. 

Stains On Your Ceiling

Whenever you see a stain on your ceiling, you need to take immediate action to prevent further leaks in your ceiling. While your ceiling and roof are not the same thing, you only really see stains in your ceiling when water has been allowed to leak through and touch the softer, and more vulnerable, top of your ceiling. Sometimes stains can be caused by vermin making a nest in the ceiling, but that also should warrant a call to commercial roofers because they could only get in through some kind of hole in the roof, which needs to be patched right away.

Overhanging Trees

It is an annoying fact for many small business owners, but if your business is close to a lot of overhanging trees, then you need to be extra pragmatic or you could suffer more dire consequences. Tree branches, bark, seed pods, and even leaves can all cause damage to your roof, either by scratching it, damming up the gutters, or even by becoming rooted underneath tiles and shingles. A yearly inspection by commercial roofers is always a good idea if you have trees close by.