Are You Considering Installing Shingle Roofing? 3 Asphalt Shingle Options For You

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials in the country. Today, almost every home has a structure with these shingles, largely thanks to their unique patterns and color choices. The material is waterproof, strong, and relatively cheap, considering the lifespan it offers. For these reasons, homeowners are likely to choose this roofing material over others. If you are thinking about installing a new roof, here are four asphalt shingle options that could work perfectly for you. 

Strip or 3-Tab Shingles

Strip shingles are the most common type of shingles in the market. They are the most basic type of shingles and are manufactured using a single layer to resemble slate. They are the cheapest and lightest option in the market. Some manufacturers use a fiberglass base covered with mineral granules, and they come in varying colors and designs. If you choose to install these shingles, you should be careful about them blowing off in a storm due to their lightweight nature. That said, they make an affordable roofing material and still offer your roof protection against weather elements. 

Laminated or 2-D Shingles

The second option you have is laminated or two-dimensional shingles. These are stronger than the strip shingles because they contain two layers of base material bonded together. The manufacturers achieve this bond by removing notches from the bottom layer, which gives your roof a two-dimensional look. Compared to the basic 3-tab shingles, the laminated shingles are quite durable and more expensive than the other options in the market. Keep in mind, you will be paying for quality and a long lifespan.

Designer or Luxury Shingles

Every construction material comes with different price points and aesthetic appeal. The luxury shingles are at the top of the price index and offer the best curb appeal. Manufacturers make designer shingles to outlast extreme weather conditions. Additionally, they give them a finish that mimics slate or cedar shakes. Once installed, they will give your home a timeless appearance that will stand out from all others in your neighborhood. The designer variety is the heaviest of the three options, making it the least likely to blow off during heavy winds or when faced by a storm. 

These are the options available when you want to roof with asphalt shingles. Hire a shingle roofing contractor to help you source quality shingles and install them in your home. Shingles will give you a strong, durable, and beautiful roof.