Learn Why Shake Roofing May Be Right For Your Roof

If you are ready for a new roof and you have been noticing how great-looking cedar shake roofing looks on other roofs, you may want it too. The first step in choosing cedar shake roofing is to learn more about it. Here is some information to help you get more familiar with shake roofing

What cedar shake roofing is

Cedar shake roofing is a roofing system that is made from natural cedar materials. Sections of cedar trees are cut and split or sawed into the appropriate thicknesses. The result is natural roofing material, with the pieces having varying looks due to it being made from natural materials with varying elements. This non-uniformity between the pieces only helps to give a roof a more custom look. 

Some of the most appreciated benefits of shake roofing

One of the main things that can lead a lot of people to want shake roofing is its look. Shake roofing is a type that stands out from the others. If you are trying to pick the right roofing for a cottage-style home or a cabin-style home, then you may find that a shake roof can be the absolute best-looking one to go with. The shake can end up being the perfect touch to really complete the whole look of the home's natural style. 

Another great thing about shake roofing is that it is a type of material with natural insulation properties. The cedar naturally acts as an insulator to help your home retain cooler temps in the summer and warmer temps in the winter. This means it can help the house feel more comfortable and require less of your heating and cooling system to achieve the desired temperatures. 

Cedar also has natural oils and preservatives that help to protect it from certain types of damage. These protective properties help to protect it from termites and other insects that would otherwise be a threat to wood materials. It is also naturally protected from moisture damage, UV damage, and fungus growth. 


If you like the idea of your roof having a more natural look, then cedar shake roofing may be just the thing. Keeping in mind the other benefits that cedar shake roofing offers, you may find it to be a great fit for many or even all of those other reasons as well. Contact a roofing contractor in your area for more information about shake roofs.