Missing Some Shingles? Why You Need To Call A Residential Roofer Right Away

When was the last time you took a few steps back away from your home to really examine its condition? If you have not done that in the recent past, then you should consider doing it soon. This is important because if you notice that there are some shingles missing from the roof, you will want to call some residential roof contractors right away. Do not make the mistake of simply brushing this off as something that doesn't matter at the moment. Here are some of the reasons why this type of home repair should not be put off for too long:

The Repair Cost Will Only Grow In Size

If you catch the problem with your roof soon after the shingles start to fall off, the repair costs might be a little easier to manage. As long as there is no damage to the roofing paper or the wood under that, then all a roofing contractor has to do is to put on new shingles. The more damage there is, the more it will cost to have all of it fixed. If you only need sections of shingles replaced and the color of the shingles can be matched with the original, the roofer should be able to get everything to blend well. However, if there is no way to get even a close color match or the majority of the shingles are in bad shape, you will want to consider replacing all of it. This could be a great time to update the look of your roof with a different color.

You Could End Up With Mold In Your House

If you are not having the bad sections of your roof dealt with right away, there is a very good chance that the issue will only grow in size. Once water is able to get past the shingles and roofing paper, it will begin to soak into the wood. When that begins to happen, building materials can begin to develop mold. Also, the longer the problem continues, the more likely it is that the rainwater is going to end up coming right into your home. You could find yourself running for bowls, cups, or even buckets to catch the water that is dripping from your ceilings. It doesn't take much time in conditions like that for mold to begin growing and spreading.

Make sure that you are calling a residential roofer as soon as you notice that there are shingles missing from your roof, even if it is just one or two shingles. Contact a company like MDJ Roofing & Construction to learn more.