Do Your Gutters Need Repair? Signs of Gutter Trouble

Most homeowners understand the importance of a well-maintained and comprehensive gutter system for their homes. However, many homeowners just aren't familiar enough with gutter systems to identify when they need repairs or what repairs they may need. It's important to recognize problems with your gutters so that you can adequately protect your home and your property. Here's a look at some of the things you should know about your home's gutters and the signs that they need repair.

Are Your Gutters Leaking?

Leaking gutters can happen for a few different reasons. Sometimes, they leak at a seam where your gutters have become detached from each other or the downspout. If you're noticing a leak between two gutter sections, you'll want to have your gutter repair contractor come out and seal that seam to reconnect them and stop the leak.

In other cases, gutters that haven't been cleaned out can overflow as a result of debris accumulation. Your gutter repair contractor can clean them out and then check the stability of the gutters to ensure that the weight of the saturated debris didn't weaken any structural elements. If there's any damage, it will be repaired at the same time.

You may also find that your gutters leak from the edge against your home. If your gutters have been damaged, whether due to a failed mounting bracket or excess weight, it can pull the back edge of the gutter away from your home. This creates a gap where runoff water can leak behind the gutter.

Are Your Gutters Leaning?

If you look at your gutters from the yard, they should all appear uniform and straight. If you're seeing any of your gutters leaning outward away from the house or leaning down where a mounting bracket or seam is, those are all signs that the gutters have been damaged.

You'll need to have a gutter repair contractor evaluate the section that's leaning to determine the cause of the problem. Sometimes, the mounting brackets need to be replaced or reinforced. In other cases, you may find that you need to replace a section of the gutter system due to damage.

Are Your Gutters Cracked?

Depending on the material that your home's gutter system is made from, you might notice the presence of cracks in the gutters. This often occurs after the winter season when ice buildup in the gutter expands the material, causing it to crack. These cracks can cause leaks and can weaken the structural stability of the gutter system, so they shouldn't be ignored.

Any time you see visible cracks in your gutters, you should talk with a gutter repair service like Gutter Shutter SE WI to have the damage patched or have that section of the gutter replaced.