Preparing To Have Your Roof Replaced

Roofing problems will often result in this part of the home needing to be fully replaced to protect the home and correct any damage that has occurred. These projects are something that almost every homeowner will need to do for their property.

Consider Where The Waste Bin Will Be Positioned

The removal of the previous roofing materials can result in a very large amount of waste being produced. To manage this waste and make it easy to dispose of, roofing contractors may position a large waste bin near the home. This can make it easier to quickly dispose of the old roofing materials. As a result, you may want to be aware of this need so that you can move your vehicles or take other steps to accommodate a construction waste bin on the property.

Close Shutters Prior To The Roof Replacement Work Starting

If your home is equipped with shutters, it can be useful to close them for the duration of the roof replacement. Closing the shutters will significantly reduce the risk of the windows being damaged by falling debris. When closing the shutters, you need to verify that they are securely held in place. Otherwise, the vibrations from the roof replacement work may cause them to swing open.

If there are shutters on windows that you are unable to reach, the roofing contractor may be willing to close these shutters for you as a preventive step. While this may make the interior of the home slightly darker during the day, most roof replacements will only take a few days to complete so that this will be a very temporary change.

Assess The Perimeter Of The House

Before the contractors arrive for your roof replacement, the perimeter of the home should be toured to determine what other steps should be taken to prepare it for this work. If you have bushes or other plants, covering them with protective netting can help to keep falling debris from damaging them. Additionally, any hoses or other lawn care equipment that may be stored near the home's perimeter should be moved so that it will not be in the way of the contractors as they are working on your home.

At the end of the roof replacement work, you may want to take another tour of the home's exterior to look for nails or other debris that the contractors may have accidentally missed when they were cleaning up after the project.

Keep these tips in mind when hiring roof replacement services.