Roof Repairs: Did Woodpeckers Damage Your Roof?

Although woodpeckers are some of the most helpful birds in nature, they can damage your roof over time. If you see or hear woodpeckers on your roof or around your property throughout the day, call a roofing contractor immediately. You could have woodpecker damage to your roof. Learn how woodpeckers damage roofs and how you can protect your roof from the pests below.

How Do Woodpeckers Damage Roofs?

Woodpeckers spend most of their time consuming small insects. However, some of the insects woodpeckers eat may live in or near your roof. Woodpeckers can drill holes in your roof in order to reach the insects living in and around it. The holes can leave your roof open or vulnerable to moisture, heat, and other environmental hazards throughout the year.

If you think woodpeckers damaged your roof, then call a roofing contractor and have them look over your roof immediately.

How Do You Repair and Protect Your Roof?

Before roofers can take care of your roof properly, they must inspect it for things that can cause serious roof problems. Bad weather, rodents, and even old age can also lead to serious roof problems, such as pooling water on the roof's surface and holes in the roof's membrane.

If bad weather, rodents, and old age are not the causes of your roof's problems, then a roofing company will see if your roof has woodpecker damage. These signs may include the following:

  • piles of sawdust and other debris beneath the soffits and fascia boards on your roof
  • multiple holes in and around your roof's edge
  • lifted or raised shingles on the surface of your roof

If a company finds these signs of damage in your roof, they can repair it. The repairs may depend on the extent of woodpecker damage to your roof. For example, if woodpeckers damaged the fascia boards or soffits around your roof, a company will seal those places for you.

If birds drilled deep holes into your shingles, the roofing company may need to replace the shingles as well as the structures beneath them. The holes may be deep or large enough to penetrate the membrane and wood deck on your roof. The damage may also be extensive enough to require a complete roof replacement.

Do not allow woodpeckers to damage your roof beyond repair. Contact a roofing company online or by phone for the repair solutions you need today.