Subtle Signs You Need Roof Repairs

Most people think that if their roof needs to be repaired, they will know immediately. The truth is that many roofing issues go unnoticed. You must understand the impact of roof damage and how it can be more subtle than you might think.

If you think that you might need roof repair, these are some of the more subtle signs you should look for.

Outside Sounds Are Coming In

If you can hear the wind in your home, you might not think much of it. The truth is that you need to pay attention to subtle sounds, including things like whistling. It could be that a window is left open allowing wind to blow inside, but it could also be that your roof is open to the elements. Next time your home tries to talk to you, just listen. You might have damaged shingles you are not able to see.

Signs of Mold

If you do go up on your roof because you suspect damage, you might be looking for damaged shingles, but you might not necessarily be looking at the color of your roof. The roof may have dark spots, which can be indicative of mold. You should call a professional immediately if it appears that you have mold or signs of rotting on your roof.

Many people overlook potential mold because they do not expect to see it on the roof. Even if you do not see mold on your exterior, you should also check out the attic or interior to make sure that you have a full scope of the potential damage.

Wild Animals in Your Attic

One of the most subtle signs of damage to your roof could be the existence of animals that are in your roof or attic. This indicates that damage has allowed the animal to burrow in or that the animal caused some damage to the roof.

This is a subtle sign of damage because most people do not realize animals are living in their homes. Rats, squirrels, mice, and other animals could be making a nest right above your head, but you might not notice the damage to your roof at all.

Contact a Roof Repair Professional

Are you ready for roof repair? Now is a great time to move forward with your plans for a repair. If you think you spot any of these signs of damage, speak with a company like Lucero's Roofing, Inc.