5 Indicators You Need Roofing Replacement

Taking care of your roof and keeping it in good shape is something most homeowners should take seriously. It is the first thing you or your visitors may spot when entering your compound. A well-maintained roof not only adds value to the home but also maintains an eye-catching view. Unfortunately, some homeowners may take their roofs for granted and forget that they do not last forever. Sometimes the roof reaches the end of its lifespan and requires replacement to avoid internal structural damages. Here are indicators your roofing needs to be replaced:

Curling Shingles

Is your roof made of shingles? Shingles are supposed to remain flat throughout their lifetime. They do not curl when they are new, but they can change shape at the corners with time. As a result of heat and moisture, shingles begin to curl. Curling and buckling of your shingles is a sign you need to schedule a roof inspection.

Roof Leaks

A leaking roof is one of the obvious signs your roof is worn out and needs replacement. Leaks can be seen when it rains. Water pools run under the shingles in some areas, making it's way to the ceiling, resulting in structural damages. If the leaks are not confined to one place, you may need a complete roof replacement.

Missing Shingles

Have you noticed sun rays coming through your roof surface? That means you may be having a major roofing problem. Light coming through your roof may also mean water can pass through. Missing shingles may be due to heavy rains.  Once you notice this sign, you should call a professional roofer to inspect the situation of your roof and give a possible solution.

Stains on Your Walls

Unsightly stains on your walls and ceiling are not only ugly but can show your roof is in severe condition. It means that your underlayment is letting water in, damaging your roof's structural integrity. If you see these stains on the walls and ceilings, that is a sign your roof needs a complete makeover from a qualified roofer.


Does your roof have saddleback or sag in the middle? It should be straight along the ridge. Roof sagging is structural damage and may cause your roof to collapse, causing possible injuries. It could be a result of faulty roofing materials, exposure to moisture, or improper installations. To prevent sagging from rainwater, ensure that the water flows nicely to the gutters or consider roof replacement if the situation worsens. 

If your roof shows any of the above signs, it is time to call a roofing company, such as Columbia Roofing Inc., for inspection and replacement if necessary.