Your Roof And Severe Storms

There are a lot of ways a storm can damage your roof. This is why it's important for you to go around the house and look for any areas on the roof that were damaged. You can learn about some of the different types of damages that tend to happen with storms so that you have a starting point with what to look for. It's important to have storm-related damages fixed as soon as possible. Don't hold off on checking the house over and making the call to get someone out to fix problems because there can be a lot of calls going out for help with roofs as soon as a storm sweeps through the area. 

Winds can cause extensive damage

While many roofs get extensively damaged during hurricanes, even homes not exposed to hurricane-force winds can still endure wind damage. Winds can toss anything from large branches to yard toys and even yard furniture onto a roof where damages can be sustained. Things crashing into the roof can cause damage to all kinds of roofs. 

The wind itself can also be a problem, ripping shingles from the surface. Some of the most common areas of roofs damaged by wind include damage to the flashing, the fascia, the eaves, the outermost portions of the roof, and the corners. 

Hail can cause extensive damage

A storm that brings some small hail can be extremely dangerous for people, as well as just about everything else left outside. Your roof is left exposed to large hail, and it can end up with a lot of damage. 

Hail can damage all types of roofs. Large hail can end up weakening the shingle's seal integrity and causing the roof to have visible black dots where the hail struck. When the shingles seal has been weakened, it leaves the shingles at a much greater risk of being blown off the roof or having leaks. 

Hail damage can break tiles on tile roofs. It can also cause damages to metal roofs by leaving big dents and even cause holes and other damage. Hail is bad for every type of roof, so never feel like your roof is safe, and make sure to inspect after a hail storm. 


When you develop the good habit of checking your home's exterior after storms, you will be taking an important step in keeping your home and its roof in good shape for years. 

For more information, contact a residential storm damage roof repair company.