Roofers Can Do More for Your Home Than You Might Realize

People know to call a roofer when they need their roof repaired or replaced. However, there can be other things they need to have taken care of on the exterior of their home, and they might not know who to call for help. In some cases, it may still be the roofer that they would want to call to come out. 

1. The vents on and near the roof 

If there are damaged vents on or up near the roof that end up benign damaged, then a roofer can come to fix them. Common ways these vents are damaged include being damaged by wildlife like raccoons and even birds. While they may not be considered to be a part of the roof, they still fall under roofing due to their location. 

2. The fascia

The fascia is the nice-looking board that goes along the roof's overhang. Even though it isn't made from roofing materials, it is still a roofing element. 

3. The soffit

The soffit is something a lot of people have confusion over, but it is also considered to fall under the roofing umbrella. The soffit is the material that's installed on the underside of the roof's overhang. 

4. The rain gutters and downspouts

Rain gutters are installed to travel right along the edges of the roof to capture rainwater. The downspouts meet the gutters at corners and take the rainwater down to the ground where it will be drained away from the home. Roofers can come out to clean, repair, install, and replace the rain gutters. 

5. The siding

Some people may never expect that a roofer would be the person they would call to have the repairs done on their siding, as well as to install or completely replace the siding. However, this is one of those things that some roofers also do. This can be convenient if you need anything done to both the roof and the siding because it can all be done at the same time with one crew. 

6. Replacement windows

Some roofers may also install or replace windows anywhere in your home. However, there are some windows all roofers can work with: skylights. Skylights are windows that are installed into the roof. They can really help bring in a lot more natural lighting, which is something that a lot of people appreciate.

To learn more about these services, contact local roofing contractors.